Reliability, sustainable development and innovation

Asphalt quality is fundamental to the design of MARINI plants, which have to satisfy highly complex rhythms of production and site conditions. All types of recycling and special and warm asphalt production technologies are also offered.

Reliability and experience

Over 4000 plants sold worldwide, among which more
than 300 in Asia, witnesses the MARINI plant quality
and satisfaction to our customers who produce asphalt
at high output levels, round the clock


■ The plants innovative design helps to reduce
electricity and fuel consumption, resulting in
significantly reduced CO2 emissions
■ The mixing tower is designed to incorporate total or
partial cladding, for even lower dust emissions and
reduced noise
■ Thanks to their smaller footprint, MAC plants can
easily integrate in to the environment.

Energy savings

■ By positioning the filter above the dryer drum and
redesigning the drying-filtering unit, the gas and
recovered fines circuits have been optimized
■ Thanks to the shorter dryer-filter duct, the gases at
the dryer outlet lose less heat and the burner
consumption is significantly reduced
■ Recovered fines are efficiently collected by gravity
into the hopper positioned under the filter and are
stored next to the fines weighing hopper, eliminating
a number of screw conveyors and reducing the
overall electrical consumption. Energy retaining
designs on the hot aggregates processing units
further reduces energy losses and fuel consumption.

Special asphalt mixes

Coloured or clear asphalt mixes can be easily
manufactured by adding pigments directly into the
mixer and via a dedicated clear binder line.
Special binders such as modified bitumen can be
injected into the mixer via the conventional bitume
line or via an additional line. Irrespective of the
system used, the bitumen is precisely weighed via
the dedicated weighing hopper. The mixer is
preconfigured to accept all types of solid additives
and fibers in bags or big-bags and calibrated RAP.

Warm-mix asphalt

The production of warm-mix or low-energy asphalt is
possible regardless of the technology used:
■ Addition of solid additives
■ Addition of liquid additives to the bitumen line or to
the bitumen weighing bin
■ Production and injection of foam bitumen.


All recycling solutions can be achieved.
The MAC is designed to adapt to all kinds of recycling
The crushed RAP is stored in and supplied from
specific RAP feed bins.
It is then introduced into the dryer drum recycling
ring and/or directly into the mixer via a dedicated
elevator. It may also be dried separately in an
additional parallel flow drum.